Since 2011, the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ has made a commitment to help address long-term social and economic costs of homelessness. Recently, the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ organized its fourth annual CEO Sleepout in 2014 which recruited and mobilized over 150 leaders from the private and public sectors to help bring attention and awareness to the intricate and complex issues of homelessness in our city and downtown community. Over $600,000 has been raised by the private sector, helping to employ nearly 137 people experiencing homelessness for more than 51,000 hours of employment - with many of these individuals returning to school or finding permanent full-time work. 

Year after year, the CEO Sleepout raises awareness and funds to end homelessness, and in doing so, proves that Winnipeg is a caring community that works together to build a stronger city. It will take our entire community working together, including government, private sector, and non-profit organizations to help end homelessness. City Council has committed $150,000 per year to fund the United Way's Plan to End Homelessness, and as Mayor, and as a CEO Sleepout participant for 3 years, I am proud to be a part of a change for the better. 

- Mayor Brian Bowman, City of Winnipeg